General Council

The General Council, consisting of the Superior General and three General Councillors, is elected at the General Chapter meeting every six years.

In July 2019, Sr Brigitte Flourez became the Superior General and the General Councillors are Sr Felicia Bethuel, Sr Jane Sinprayoon and Sr Marina Motta.  Here are their stories.

Brigette Flourez Superior General

Brigitte was born into a farming community in the north of France; her close-knit family, now of four generations, meet regularly to celebrate and support one another. She likes cooking and gardening. As an IJ sister, Brigitte has lived all her Religious Life in small communities; she especially likes to be among the ordinary people, especially those on the margins. Brigitte studied Psychology, Theology and Catechetics. Despite her workload as Provincial of the French province, she has continued to teach French to migrants and be involved in dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

Brigitte is very familiar with the working of the General Council. She served on the team from 1983 and was our General Superior from 1989 – 1995. Brigitte believes that our main challenges in today’s world are: migrants, care of the earth, a deep renewal of the Church and international harmony. One of her hopes could be summed up as: ‘Que la sève de nos origines donne de nouveaux fruits’ (‘May the sap of our origins rise to nurture new fruit’).

Felicia (Tarena) Bethuel Councillor

Felicia is Nigerian of the Bwatiye tribe in Adamawa state and is the third in a family of eight children. She had a happy and simple childhood in a small village. She loves singing, listening to music, and enjoys dancing with others to celebrate life. Felicia also enjoys crop and animal farming. She is a trained teacher and loves being in the classroom. She made her first profession in 1994. Felicia has worked with the Pontifical Missionary Association of the Holy Childhood and also with the Catholic Women’s Organisation at diocesan and province levels. 

She is currently the Vice-Province leader of the Infant Jesus Sisters in Nigeria and a member of the Conference of Major Superiors.  Felicia regards the challenges in today’s world as ‘enormous and ugly’.  They range from global warming to migration of people - both legal and illegal, overwhelming violence, and confused and lost generations of young people who do not believe in God. Felicia is very conscious that ‘the harvest is rich but the labourers are few’ and her hope and prayer for the Institute is that we continue to grow and survive for many generations and are open to having a wider outreach for effective mission.

Jane Sinprayoon Councillor

Jane was born and brought up in Bangkok, Thailand. She has spent most of her life as an IJ sister teaching or in the management of schools. She has been in Province leadership a number of times and in the early nineties, Jane was co-ordinator of an inter-congregational formation centre. At the moment, she is community leader and director of an IJS school in Prakanong, Bangkok. When she has time, Jane loves to listen to soft music, go for a walk in the garden or read. Jane believes that in an ever-changing world, our main challenges are migration, human trafficking, and ecological issues.

She is happy with the positive advantages of modern technologies which are enabling much better communication locally and around the world. Jane’s hopes and dreams for the Institute are that IJ Sisters may be able to find effective ways and means to make our charism alive in today’s world and that we will come to know the hope and joy that God dreams for us.

Marina Motta Councillor

Marina was born into a deeply christian Italian family near Milan and was the first of 5 children. Her hobbies include music, reading and walking in the mountains. She went to Milan University and then worked in a bank. She joined the IJ Sisters in 1979, having been drawn by our charism. Marina has worked with young people all of her religious life, especially those who are marginalised and at risk. She began in Milan, then Bergamo and later in Rome where she was director of the school. She also worked with Caritas in developing training projects for teachers and students.

She has been provincial of the Italian province since 2015. Marina believes that in a changing world, marked by poverty, conflicts and meaninglessness, we are called to awaken hope. These painful realities can become opportunities to return to the essentials of the Gospel. Fr Barré invites us to have a contemplative gaze and rediscover the presence of Jesus in our realities. He invites us to be women of hope and compassion and to recreate fraternity in our daily lives. Marina believes that interculturality, interreligious dialogue and care of the earth are some of the challenges that that the Institute faces today. We are a small body in the Church, present on four different continents. Living in ‘union of heart, mind and mission’ and collaborating with lay people, we can be bridge builders working together towards universal fraternity.

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