General Council

The General Council, consisting of the Superior General and three General Councillors, is elected at the General Chapter meeting every six years.

In July 2019, Sr Brigitte Flourez became the Superior General and the General Councillors are Sr Felicia Bethuel, Sr Jane Sinprayoon and Sr Marina Motta.  Here are their stories.

Brigette Flourez Superior General


Brigitte was born into a farming community in the north of France. She studied Psychology, Theology and Catechetic. She has lived all her Religious Life in popular working-class neighborhood. She worked first as a school psychologist, and later for adult education in the field of family education, as well as teacher of French to migrants. 
Brigitte served already on the team from 1983 and was General Superior from 1989 – 1995. During these years she did some research about our founder, published his biography (“Better than Light”) and worked on Nicolas Barré beatification process. 


Called back to this ministry after 24 years, in a very different context and environment she hopes the sap of our origins rise to nurture new fruit.Her leadership is a team ministry with regular meetings with her 3 councillors: Felicia, Jane and Marina, sharing the work and discerning together. Using the positive advantages of modern technologies are enabling much better their common service to make our charism alive in today’s world.

Felicia (Tarena) Bethuel Councillor


Felicia is Nigerian of the Bwatiye (Bachama) tribe in Adamawa state and is the fourth in a family of nine children. She had a happy and simple childhood in a small village. She is a trained teacher and loves being in the classroom. She was leader of the Infant Jesus Sisters in Nigeria and a member of the Conference of Major Superiors.  She has worked with the Pontifical Missionary Association of the Holy Childhood and with the Catholic Women Organization at diocesan and province levels, respectively. 

She presently lives in Nigeria, but has for the moment stopped formal teaching and management of schools because of her ministry as a General Councilor. She is often invited to work on committees for events in the diocese. She just began a simple journey with few lay persons who have been part of our mission in Jalingo diocese and are interested in taking a further step to study and learn more about what inspires the way we live and what we do as Infant Jesus Sisters. She is also available to the Sisters in her community and the Vice Province to offer them her support and service in any way she is needed and that is within her capacity. 

Jane Sinprayoon Councillor


Jane was born and brought up in Bangkok, Thailand.  She is a trained educator and continuously updates herself by attending renewal courses, seminars and workshops which enable her to cope with challenges of religious life today.    She has spent most of her life as an IJ Sister educating, or in the management of schools, and has been in Province leadership.

In the early nineties, she was co-ordinator of an inter-congregational formation center.  Her ministry as General Councilor requests her to focus more on managerial tasks, and she is still in charge of Prakanong Community in 

 Bangkok, as well as being the Director of  the School located in the same compound. It is a small non-formal vocational school for girls aged between 15-17 years old.  
She sees these three ministries enriching and supporting one another and shares a common leadership experience i.e. to coordinate, to animate, and to facilitate according to different circumstances in the tasks entrusted to her. She considers it a priority to promote unity in diversity at all levels as well as to share our IJ charism and spirituality particularly in the area of decision making.


Marina Motta Councillor


Marina was born into a deeply Christian Italian family near Milan and was the first of 5 children. She studied History at the Milan University and then worked in a bank until she joined the IJ Sisters in 1979. Since then she ministered with young people, especially those marginalized and at risk. She use to teach religion in several state schools and collaborated with Caritas in developing training projects for teachers and students. 

She has been an active member of a State youth center for young people in difficulty, and member of the diocesan Roman team for youth pastoral and school ministry.

She published “Carismatica Europa, come I santi hanno rivoluzionato la storia dell’Occidente”, (ed. Città Nuova, Roma 2015)  and “La città da luogo conflittuale a luogo di fraternità”, (Atti Seminario di studi Università della Calabria 2011 ed. ARACNE, Roma 2013). She has been provincial of the Italian province. She believes that in a changing world, marked by poverty, conflicts and meaninglessness, we are called to awaken hope. These painful realities can become opportunities to return to the Gospel essential message.