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31 May… Anniversary of Nicolas Barré’s death

Shortly before his death, Nicolas Barré was asked about the shortest phrase in Scripture that could be used for a sick person.

His reply was ‘I have always had the greatest regard for these words of the apostle Thomas:

               ‘My Lord and my God’

He requested that the following prayer be addressed to God on his behalf:

‘My desire, Lord, is that when it pleases you to call me to yourself, you may find in me a perfectly humbled spirit and a truly contrite heart’. ‘I believe, I hope, I want to love always’.        AD 8


Finally Lord, I want to belong totally to you,

No more measuring or portioning out,

Neither in life nor in death.

In sorrow or in joy, on earth or in heaven.

My beloved is all mine and I am his forever.

O Jesus ! O Love. (Letter 12)


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