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Advent : We wait with joy for the Lord, the Hope of the world

The season of Advent is about to begin. A time of waiting, of being alert, awake and attentive, a time of hope. We keep watch for Christ’s coming in our every day lives.

I say to all: Stay awake and prepare the way of the Lord (Mark 13: 35)

Advent invites us to slow down, and be present to somebody physically or in spirit.

Be with someone who needs you

Be with a person who gives hope

Be with those in pain

Be with the homeless

Be with someone who has written to you

Be with someone in your family

Be with men and women who are in prison

Be with those who are abused or neglected

‘Let us look deep within ourselves and yearn for a second incarnation to take place within us.

We must trust in God and abandon ourselves to him alone’ (R.R. Nicolas Barré)

Let us pray: God of light, shine forth,

Show us how to bring hope to others.

God of mercy, help us to comfort people and to share in their joy.

God of hope, make us an Advent people, preparing the way for life in all its fullness.



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