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Amiens - The birthplace of Nicolas Barré.

Following in the footsteps of Nicolas Barré, on 21st July 2022, the Sisters went on pilgrimage to Amiens, the town where our founder was born. The place is serene and peaceful. It was important for us because we walked on the same ground where Nicolas Barré walked. This gave us a sense of connectedness to our origins.

We had Mass in the Church of St Martin where the baptistry which was used for N.Barré’s baptism is now kept in a special space created for it. The baptistry is symbolic to us because it reminds us of our baptismal promi

ses in Christ and our oneness as Sisters with the same Father.

The Cathedral of Amiens where N.Barré would have prayed, is also a beautiful place, with the Bible sculptured on its walls. N.Barre's uncle built one of the side altars of the cathedral.

It was indeed a rich experience of spiritual renewal and growth.


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