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Blessed Nicolas Barré's Life

Poem by a Student in Singapore

Blessed Nicolas Barré was born on 21 Ocotober 1621 in Amiens. He

Loved to help the needy ans provided

Education to those wo had none. His

Suffering and struggles brought him close to God ans

Soon, he truly understood the human Spirit. Educated by the Jesuits, he was assured a brilliant future but Blessed Nicolas Barré

Decided to become a priest instead.

Nurtured some young women,

Inspired to educate children living in poverty.

Courage and creativity led Blessed Nicolas Barré to invite the young women to live together as a community.

On seeing their dedication, Blessed Nicolas Barré set up the Institute of the Infant Jesus in 1666 with their help.

Living close to the ordinary people

And not confined by the cloister as religious women, they reached out to those who

Sought guidance, including those were sick.

But he did not just stop there. He went on to

Achieve much more.

Relentlessly helping others despite pooor health

Resulted in the worsening oh his medical condition. However, Blessed Nicoles Barré was selfless and put others before himself.

Eventually, he put all in God's hands and peacefully passed away on 31 May 1686

at the age of 64 in Paris.


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