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Colloquium: "Nicolas Barré: A Mysticism of Ordinary Life"

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

120 people took part in the colloquium organised at the Maison de La Salle, Paris, on Saturday 16 October, to mark the 4th centenary of Nicolas Barré ‘s birth (1621-1686). In a warm and attentive atmosphere, the five speakers painted a vivid picture of this 17th century Minim Father, instigator of a great movement of popular education in disadvantaged areas.

Among the participants, all the way from Japan, was Father Perrard, the great grandnephew of Mother Mathilde Raclot! It was an opportunity for him to meet Sr Brigitte, international Leader of the Infant Jesus Sisters (Nicolas Barré) and organiser of the event.

The day concluded with rich exchanges between the audience and the speakers.

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