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Finding Peace

Everybody complains about not having any peace, everyone wants it and no one finds it, because no one looks for it where it is really to be found.

Begin by finding out what puts an obstacle in the way of our peace.. It is not surprising that it is rarely found, since we are often focusing on getting worldly recognition. Many people long for peace and still they behave in a manner entirely contrary to the Spirit of God. They want things to happen for them in the way they want.

We must not then seek for peace in externals or in worldly terms even if this may seem to lead to peace. It must find its home in our inner life and be with us in times of suffering and opposition. This will come about, without fail, if we are living with conviction the one principle already repeated so often, namely ‘God is our all – for Him alone we live'. This is our only way of attaining true peace.


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