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Protecting the earth

At this time of year, we celebrate the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. In a roudabout way Nicolas Barré has a connection to St Francis of Assisi through St Francis of Paola. Following an illness St Francis of Paola's life was dedicated to St Francis of Assisi.

The first community he founded was called the Hermits of St Francis of Assisi; it was later changed to the Order of Minims. Nicolas Barré was a Minim.

St Francis of Assisi is well known for his connection with animals and for encouraging that all creatures are brothers and sisters under God. Today, he is the Patron Saint of Ecologists. Nicolas Barré also certainly had the same love of creation as the Saint of Assisi and Saint Francis of Paola.

With our Sister Planet Earth suffering from human abuse there is now a desperate need for everyone to become an Earth Protection Officer. By doing so we can help change the dreadful direction that humanity is going in. St Francis of Assisi once said "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible". May each one of us follow the guidance of these wise and incredible men whose messages are as valuable today as when they first spoke them. Nicolas Barré encourages us to have a great simplicity in everything.

Prayer: "Whatever happens... Be always at peace and trust in God." (Nicolas Barré)


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