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Shortly before his death on 31/May 1686...

Fr. Barré’s final words to the community:

‘You are a small body in the church, I shall ask the Holy Spirit to be always its source of life, to be at its head and to lead it. A.D. 10
‘Pentecost is the time to be possessed by the Holy Spirit. Show them how the Holy Spirit must take possession of them and how they must take possession of the Holy Spirit’. A.D. 10
In the Book of the Institute N° 7, we read, ‘we are called to become instruments of the Holy Spirit who is at work in us, in the people to whom we are sent and in their history’.

One of the gifts that the Holy Spirit bestows upon the Church is the ability to communicate the Gospel to diverse communities in ways that are accessible and meaningful to them. As we encounter people who are different from us, whether in language, culture, or background, the Holy Spirit will give us the words and the wisdom to share the Good News with them.

Where the Holy Spirit is, there is unity, there is missionary zeal, there is fruitfulness, creativity, daring, joy…

Let us pray: Like Fr. Barré, let us be grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit and we ready to cooperate with the Spirit’s work in our lives. Amen.


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