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Singing with Nicolas Barré!

Our sisters of the Providence of Rouen in Madagascar wanted to celebrate in their own way the 400th anniversary of the birth of Nicolas Barré!

They entrusted their project to a famous Malagasy singer, Jerry Marcoss, who created music and choreography especially for them! He then made the video clip with the pupils of our sisters' schools. A huge success... that can now be heard everywhere in Madagascar, whether on the radio or in discos. Everybody sings and dances with Nicolas Barré!

Excerpts from the lyrics:

Thank you to the Lord for giving us his grace

by sending a person like Father Nicolas Barré,

who is a saint because he did beautiful things:

helping the poor, creating many schools.

Education was his priority.

Despite the past centuries, we continue to carry out his works

and we always pray to him to give us the strength to continue.


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