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Celebrating the Birth of Nicolas Barré

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Blessed Nicolas Barré, Founder of th Infant Jesus Sisters, was born in France, on October 21st 1621. As a young man he joined the Order of Minims which was founded by St. Francis of Paola. In Fr. Barré's lifetime, France suffered war, famine and a plague which lasted 20 years. He was deeply aware of the cries of those who suffered most. The ministries he undertook, including the setting up of the Institute, and his writings, reflect the depths of his awareness, his profound compassion and his trust in the Providence of God. He has much to teach us today.

Blessing: May God bless us all and keep us in his loving care.

Sr Margaret Walsh

Inspiring words from Nicolas Barré:

"Do not look for cherries on a plum tree, each tree must bear its own kind of fruits"

"Work at promoting the good rather than trying to destroy the bad"

"Be in the hand of God like a paintbrush in the hand of the painter"

"God, who is so great, still takes pleasure in getting close to little ones"

"A little love makes everything easy"

"This night is an excellent day. In it we see all without knowing anything,

We know all without knowing everything. We possess all without fear"

"Whatever happens, remain in peace always and trust in God. It will be done to you according to your faith, your hope and your love and even beyond"


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