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All brothers and sisters

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A multicultural day in Cameroon The vocational training college in Somo, CETIF Notre-Dame de Somo, in the diocese of Bafia, Cameroon, recently organised a "back to the roots" day. Its aim was to get to know each other better in order to live together more harmoniously in a country with numerus tribes, a country which is currently experiencing tensions and conflicts. This is a national challenge. It is also a global one, when the quest for peace and unity is at the centre of the human and spiritual concerns of so many peoples, as witnessed by the latest letter of Pope Francis, "Fratelli tutti".

A beautiful day of celebration based on the promotion of the different cultures of Cameroon ! Gathered in the presence of administrative, customary and religious authorities and the pupils' parents, most of the participants had dressed in their traditional costumes. Each of the 10 regions of the country was represented by at least one tribe, and the culture of each was highlighted by various activities : dances, traditional rites, cooking, fashion shows in traditional costumes. The students, helped by the CETIF's educational team, were involved especially in the preparation of the event and providing the entertainment. BRAVO !


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