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Founded in Rouen in 1666 the Sisters have survived the various twists and turns of history with characteristic flexibility, imagination and courage and can still be found today in Paris, La Madeleine, Lille, Marseille,  Rosny-sous-Bois, Roubaix, Toulon and Vitrolles.  The Sisters, whatever their age, have lost none of their passion to work for the growth of persons nor their love for people in need.  They express this through many different activities: helping young people with school homework, pastoral care, involvement in associations and movements for immigrants, assisting people to procure their official documents, supporting women in distress, aid to developing countries.

Following the 2001 General Chapter the way became a little clearer to discern how some young women could respond to their desire to give their lives to Christ within the Institute without at the same time becoming religious like us.  It seems as though the path is being made in the walking….

The sisters in France today feel called to deepen the message left to them by Nicolas Barré: “We need to trust the wisdom of God, place all our confidence in God…hoping against hope….” (FM 12, 13)

Since 1997, a Sister from France has worked with lay people in Romania and Moldova. Their chief concern is to educate children and young people, particularly those experiencing rejection, or those in difficulties of one kind or another. Out of this group came the Nicolas Barré Network.  Members of this network ensure a follow-through in education. In the little country schools, with the teachers, the Network members work to improve conditions for the children in the schools. With the help of people and associations in France this Romanian and Moldovan network gives scholarships to the country children who have only scanty means to pursue secondary education.


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