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2024: look towards the Light

Updated: Feb 5

As I gaze through the window watching the torrential rain fall, stories of the past year filter through my mind. Many of them are tinged with sadness, sending out distress signals of war, natural disasters and family tragedies. The journey ahead is hidden in mist. How to respond to a world ravaged by war? I find inspiration in nature.

 My eyes rest on an ash tree, said to be over 300 years old. Fresh green ivy leaves, weave and intertwine around its trunk. Even in midwinter, this ancient tree stands there, battered and bruised but solid and strong providing a life-line to the ivy in its effort to reach for the sunlight. The ivy in turn provides nectar for bees and shelter for hundreds of invertebrates, which feed the bats and birds. We too are called to support one another in bringing hope, joy and ‘SON-LIGHT' to everyone around us.

The shadow of this world will say,

There’s no hope why try anyway?

But every kindness large or slight,

Shifts the balance towards the light.(Carre Newcomer)

Our Founder, Nicholas Barre encourages us to respond “with creativity and daring“ and “to adapt our means of evangelization, to the realities of life where the mystery of the Incarnation continues to take place.” (B.1.8) 


“God is our shelter and strength, we will not be afraid”
 Ps 46

Sr Catherine O’Sullivan



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