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30 years in Thailand with the Hmong People

In 1991, Sr Veronica and Sr Bernard responded to the call of the Thai Missionary Society. After studying the Hmong language at the Hong Center in Chiangmai, they began their first missionary work in March 1992 in the most northern province of Chiang Rai in Thailand.

At that time, the Hmong were slash-and-burn farmers. Traditionally, their main source of income was opium, a product that had cultural, political and military implications for their community. In addition, most of them are animists. This reality proved to be a great challenge for the two sisters.

Bernard: "I tried to do my best, teaching catechism, and also encouraging the young people to do higher studies in order to have a better job in the future. Living among the Hmong, I not only learned from them a way of life, but also the simplicity and patience that have guided me in my religious life."

Both Veronica and Bernard are very grateful to God for his love and care during their 30 years of mission.


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