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400th anniversary of Nicolas Barré in Amiens

Updated: May 31, 2021

© Naden Vythelingum

On Sunday 9 May, the 400th anniversary of Nicolas Barré's birth was celebrated in the cathedral of Amiens, his birthplace. The ceremony, joyful and recollected, was presided over by Mgr Lebrun, Archbishop of Rouen. The various speakers recalled how the charism of this spiritual master, who inspired a great current of popular education and guided John Baptist de La Salle in founding his Institute, is still relevant today. Every child born is a gift to humanity, a promise of something unique that they will bring to the world. May each child be "brought up according to his or her genius" and may they, like Nicolas Barré, have a life that bears fruit for centuries to come. May they be accompanied by educators who are aware that their mission can "contribute to forming and giving birth to Jesus Christ in souls".

Read the homily of Mgr Lebrun in French
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Read the homily of Mgr Lebrun in English
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