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A beautiful award

In Lamezia Terme in Calabria, in the evocative Terme di Caronte Park, the 'Premio liriche e note sotto le stelle' event was held, with the Infant Jesus Sisters among the prize-winners.

Every year, a cultural association in the town organises this event to award those who work for the community: personalities who operate in different but intertwined spheres in the social context of the territory: from the defence of legality, to charitable and educational commitment, to the reception of migrants. Men and women who, with their commitment, competence and dedication, continue to outline important paths of value growth for the communities in which they work.

An attentive and numerous audience was present, which welcomed and participated in every proposal: moments of reflection alternated with high-level musical and singing entertainment and interpretations of significant theatrical and poetic pieces by a well-known local author.

Sister Caterina, asked by the hostess of the evening about the difficulties of the mission, which took place above all in the mountain hamlets, emphasised how the sisters' actions had always been accompanied and supported by the human warmth of the people they met, who, with their generosity, welcome and ability to share, helped the sisters not to stop in the face of obstacles and to live their presence with joy and enthusiasm. The new bishop of Lamezia, Monsignor Serafino Parisi, also highlighted how the nuns have always been a great resource within the Church because they know how to weave relationships between people and enter into certain situations that priests often cannot reach. He also invited those present to look with the same positive eyes of the Sisters at their Calabrian reality to become singers of the beauties of Calabria. Capturing the beauty of one's own land and people and narrating it, not only to others but also to oneself, makes us appreciate the place where we live and above all learn to enjoy it, live it and defend it more.

An extraordinary evening where the life that is born where one has the courage to love with the measure of Christ was celebrated.

The plaque reads:

'Lyric and Notes' Prize under the stars

To the Infant Jesus Sisters who, with a deep spirit of charity, dedicate themselves to the little ones and the marginalised, enlivening the faith with works.


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