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A new Formation House in Nigeria

The arrival of sr Fidelia and the novices in the new formation house

No feather borne hither or thither upon the wind moves with such grace and freedom, as we allow ourselves to be carried by God without resisting". (Nicolas Barré).

With membership growing and an increase in noise from the surrounding environment, our vice provincial realized that our formation house in Rahwol Kanang Bukuru, Nigeria was becoming unsuitable for formation programmes that demand a more serene space. A new formation house was built in Dong, Jos South LGA, which is calmer and more spacious.

On the 5th of December 2022, Sr. Fidelia Gowon - the novice mistress, and her five novices arrived at the new formation house.

The Sisters were cordially welcomed by some of the St. Augustine Pastoral Area Dong parishioners the following day, along with their parish priest Fr. Anthony Oparaji, who also joyfully blessed the house and prayed for a successful mission. Then followed visits by different societies in the church in the next few days.


Fr Anthony, the Sisters, and parishioners during the blessing of the house.

As has become our tradition, we organized a Christmas Party for the children of Dong to continue responding to our mission of making Jesus Christ known and loved, particularly among children. On Christmas Day, numerous children trooped into our house, and we greeted them enthusiastically, saying, "Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name welcomes me" (Mk 9: 37)

The children were engaged in games, bible quiz, singing, and dancing. We believe that such a mission shared will see the children through their lifetime. It was our way of staying with Jesus in the manger and imitating a love that is so pure, freely given, and unwavering, that we experienced EMMANUEL, God among the children, in this mission.

The crib scene of simplicity and loving acceptance confronts us with the task of being vulnerable and open, as well as the challenge of bringing joy to life, particularly to children. We bear a great deal of responsibility, particularly for future generations. “What world do we want to live in with our children?” (Laudato Si).

With hearts full of hope, total trust, and dependence on God, we hope to have a fruitful stay in Dong. As we get ready for the General Elections in February, we also hope for a good New Year with peaceful and fair elections.

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