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As he was walking by the sea… ‘He said to them, follow me’ Matt. 4:20

Have we ever thought about the many times we hear of Jesus walking in the Scriptures?

             He came towards them walking on the water’   Matt 10:39

‘Now as they talked this over, Jesus came up and walked by their side’ Luke 24:15

           ‘Walk while you have the light’ John 12:35        

During the Covid period, many people took to walking. Walking brings with it a calmness, an openness, a freedom. Walking is a kind of seeing, a kind of feeling, a kind of being present. We walk for the sheer joy of walking and feeling good.

Walking can bring us into the presence of God, walking is a blessing, a prayer. Walk in the newness of life. Walk in faith and in the spirit. Walking is a way of encountering the other.

Nicolas Barré went about his mission in Amiens, Rouen, Paris walking and meeting people. It was from there that he saw and felt the needs of those around him. With other likeminded people, he acted.

As we think of walking, we also think of the synod and the practice of synodality, where we are walking together with each other as the people of God. We are walking towards building a future together.

Every walk of ours is an Emmaus Walk, He walks by our side, even though there is ‘something preventing us from recognizing Him’


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