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Called to love


God of affection, passion, tenderness, we thank you for the many ways that we have been given a touch of your goodness and love:

… love that draws us to friendship and fidelity.

… love that leads us to kindness and compassion.

… love that calls us to new vision and growth.

… love that sees worth in each human being.

… love that taps on the door of forgiveness.

… love that longs for peace among all humankind.

… love that sings praise for the face of earth’s beauty.

… love that offers the hand of warm welcome.

… love that urges us to take risks and have courage.

            Jesus, you told a powerful story of a person who stopped on a risky road to care for someone’s wounds. Help me also to stop at the unpleasant places in my life, to be present to those who need a touch of love. Give me the courage to be less fearful of reaching out and walking with others who need a gesture of kindness and care. (Luke 10:29-37)

‘Above all, reflect on the immensity of God’s unique and personal love for you. Listen to the invitation: ‘Come then my beloved, my lovely one, come’

The real mystery is in God’s love for us rather than in our love for God

(Letter 13, Nicolas Barré to a religious)



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