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Celebrating Life

Being consciously in God’s presence is not only possible when I sit and pray, but also when I practice seeing the goodness of God in everything around me. Everything in life is created from moment to moment. The tragedy in life is to allow it to go by without appreciating something in every single day. Life is what we have right now, celebrate it.

Nicolas Barré reminds us that: ‘The beauty of the universe is made up of a multitude of different beauties’.

The joy and satisfaction we don’t get out of life is what we have not put into it.

Celebration is the quality that requires us to wake up to the present and see Godness around us everywhere. What we celebrate in life tells us what is important to us. Those are the moments in which we are closest to God.

Reflect on: What do you celebrate in life?

Prayer: Glory be to God whose power working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask for or imagine. Eph:3,20-21


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