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Education of disadvantaged children, a priority

Since 2007, teacher training, particularly for the most disadvantaged children, has been one of the major focuses of the mission of the Sisters of the Infant Jesus in Myanmar. In December 2023, twelve young teachers from their training centre in Pyinya Sanyae, Yangon (Myanmar), received their diploma in education from HELP University in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), with which the centre has a partnership.


Their training began in August 2022. Despite the difficulties (Covid-19, military coup and civil war), these twelve young people resolutely walked through the "door of hope" to begin a degree course with HELP University. For most of them, it was not an easy decision, but one that has been crowned with success.

Now immersed, each in a community, in the service of children who are mostly refugees from the interior, they work in several camps, as well as in structures run by the Church and in the social centre of a Buddhist monastery.  With courage and zeal, they educate children from the poorest  families. As one of them said: "I believe that what I can share in the field of education will be a source of hope, peace and love for the younger generations. A great challenge!

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