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Expanding our Mission in Thailand

At the Provincial Chapter, our sisters were invited to extend their mission to the ethnic minorities of northern Thailand.

The sisters are based in a small town in the north of Thailand, Chiang Khong district, where one of the particularities is the ethnic diversity of its inhabitants (Thai, Lao and hill tribes). These communities live in difficult conditions and need help.

Sr. Peter Sapcharoen - who has worked in our schools for 45 years - decided to get involved with the young people of these ethnic groups. Every first and third Saturday of the month, she teaches them to bake cakes at the Catholic Centre in Chiang Kong. They are then able to sell their products and their earnings have helped to reduce the centre's expenses, both for their food and their education.

The Chiang Kong Catholic Centre, run by Father Phibul Likitham, TMS (Thai Missionary Society), is currently providing access to education to 44 hill tribe children, who are orphaned, living away from school or born to very poor parents.

Our sisters hope to develop other educational projects for their benefit.


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