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From Heaven to Earth...

...the timely witness of St. Thérèse of Lisieux…

In an age that urges us to focus on ourselves and our own interests, Thérèse shows us the beauty of making our lives a gift.
At a time when the most superficial needs and desires are glorified, she testifies to the radicalism of the Gospel.
At a time when human beings are obsessed with grandeur and new forms of power, she points out to us the little way.
In an age that casts aside so many of our brothers and sisters, she teaches us the beauty of concern and responsibility for one another.
At a time of great complexity, she can help us rediscover the importance of simplicity, the value of love, trust and abandonment.
In an age of indifference and self-absorption, Thérèse inspires us to be missionary disciples, captivated by the attractiveness of Jesus and the Gospel.

Extract from Pope Francis Apostolic Exhortation: "On Confidence

for the 150th Anniversary of the birth of St. Thérèse"

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