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God's initiative

It is God who takes the initiative

It is God who takes the initiative to invite us

to come together

to deepen our relationship

with Him

In these troubled and difficult times, it is important to anchor oneself even more deeply in God's love and protection. All human efforts to live in security and all attempts to find solutions in the most difficult crises (however justified they may be) are not capable of granting us a definite and stable security.

God’s excessive love for each of us is our only security

Prayer of Abandonment: LORD, I want nothing more, I desire nothing more, only to be ready to

desire what you desire and as you desire it.

It is enough for me that you hold me in your presence, that you take care of everything, that you watch over all my concerns, all that happens to me and that nothing escapes your adorable guidance of my life. O Jesus! O Love!

You are my God and my all, centre and unfathomable depth of goodness and greatness! May Jesus live and His will be done! There is nothing left for me to desire.

Choose Lord, what you want of me. Order all things, plan and arrange all things in the way that pleases you, and I will try and make my desires and actions yours, to follow you in everything and everywhere, without reserve or limit.

Finally, Lord, I want to belong totally to you, no more measuring or portioning out, neither in life nor in death, in sorrow or in joy, on earth or in heaven. My beloved is all mine and I am His forever.

O Jesus! O love!

Blessed Nicolas Barré


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