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Carrying on the journey as Federation Amiens - 23 March 2023

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Sr Annie Thérèse - Sr Brigitte - Sr Angèle-Marie

After the years of covid, the ordeal of the long illness and death of Sr Maryvonne, Superior General EJPR (Enfant Jesus Providence of Rouen), the long wait for a visa for the newly elected Sr Angèle Marie, the federal links are being re-visited and evaluated. What do we want to live together, Infant Jesus Sisters-Providence of Rouen and Infant Jesus Sisters-Nicolas Barré?

Faced with the challenges of internationality, we wish to share our experience and help each other in our responsibility.

As heirs to the treasure of the spirituality of our common Founder, Blessed Nicolas Barré, we carry together the responsibility of sharing it, and of collaborating in view of his canonisation, by collecting the testimonies of the international diffusion of devotion to him.

Listening to the sisters of our two Institutes present in four countries of the African continent, we rejoice in the federal links they have created and will seek ways to continue them.


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