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Good parenting and education

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Father Barré knew the importance of early childhood and the impact of parents' behaviour on their children. The teachers he trained were made well aware of this. He advised them to reach out to the mothers of their pupils and to collaborate with them in the education of the children. The young teachers were to help these mothers by visiting their homes or meeting them at times that were possible for them. They were, gently, compassionately and using simple language, to instruct them on how to care for their children's health, hygiene and way of dressing, encouraging them to say nightprayers and to put their children to bed in good time so that they could have enough sleep and be on time for school. They raised awareness in the families on how to protect children from abuse, even providing them with beds if needed. All this was innovative in 17th century pedagogy.

Read Nicolas Barré's words
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Reflection : Recall some of the values you learned in your home. Thank God for yours parents.

Prayer :

Heavenly Father, from whom every family gets its name, protect children everywhere.

Help parents and grandparents to give them the love, security ans education they need.

As children grow, help them to find meaning in their lives and an opportunity to develop their gifts.

This we ask through Jesus, Your Son, who grew up in a stable home,

learning from His loving parents. Amen


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