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"I am doing something new"

When we welcomed 2020 we could never have imagined what lay ahead. As we adapted to not being able to do our normal things we reached for something new.

Take a moment to reflect on those things that we previously took for granted.

They may include:

· Freedom to visit family, visit nursing homes and hospitals

· Going out to Mass, going to funerals, going to sport events

· Going for a cup of coffee

· Shaking hands, getting/giving a hug

Now take another moment to think of the new gifts in your life:

· Walking – hearing the birds more clearly, seeing more butterflies

· Seeing more unusual plants that got a chance to grow

· Writing and receiving letters

· Learning new skills – new recipes, WhatsApp, zoom, webinars

· Reading more books, listening to music, to the radio/tv or not,

· Gardening

Let us give thanks: Holy Spirit, help me to focus on the ‘deeper things’ in life and allow time for others.

Fill me with trust in your loving presence. Calm me when I am anxious and troubled about many things.

Whatever happens, be always at peace ’ N.Barré


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