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In Cameroon, Children join us to take Action against Plastic Pollution

The streets of Yaoundé are filled with large quantities of plastic waste, the city is unhealthy and dirty.

The ecological vocation of our school is therefore part of a citizen's approach and our charism: to form each person "according to their own genius". This year we have committed ourselves to making our students "eco-ambassadors, children who are aware of and active in the protection of the environment, with a major focus on the fight against plastic pollution".

The sisters, together with their staff and students, and in partnership with GREEN LIFE ACT (an association that works to realise the vision of sustainable humanism and proximity), embarked on a project of reuse and reemployment. Everyone collected plastic bottles lying around and started workshops to recycle them into flower pots, Christmas trees, chairs...

While thanking GREEN LIFE ACT for its expertise and availability, we would also like to congratulate the whole educational community who were strongly involved in this ecological project.


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