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Inspiration from St. Teresa of Avila

At the end of the Council of the Institute in Madrid, we had the privledge of visiting Avila.

Teresa’s life provides us with the example of bringing contemplative and active life together. Also, in our Book of the Institute N° 14, we read ‘ The Incarnation is the work of the Holy Spirit. If we allow Him to take possession of us, He will gradually bring about the unity of our apostolic lives in which action and contemplation permeate each other’.

Teresa teaches us the way of perfection as practicing fraternal love, non-attachment to material things, and authentic humility.

When we have trouble praying, Teresa recommends that we turn to nature: ‘Go to some place where you can see the sky, walk up and down for a while’.

God is infinite and everywhere. The important thing is, not to think much but to love much.


Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you;

All things pass away, God never changes.

Patience obtains all things;

he who has God finds he lacks nothing,

God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila


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