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Italy: a parcel for peace

A time of prayer, but also a collection of foodstuffs and basic necessities: since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our sisters in Italy have launched initiatives to help the victims and refugees.

Together with the SERMIG of Turin (Youth Missionary Service), which is very committed to disarmament and peace, they set up a chain of olidarity. With this question on everyone's lips: "What can we do concretely to build peace? Sisters and volunteers launched a large collection of food, clothing, medicines and hygiene products for adults and children. The generosity was great and in a few days, a few weeks, trucks left for the Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

In Bergamo too, a group of young people from SERMIG immediately took action and the civil authorities entrusted them with the organisation of the delivery of aid. Once or twice a week, they met with the sisters, their students, and many other people, young people and adults, of all social and religious backgrounds, to prepare the parcels and pallets to send to Ukraine. An enriching experience for all, both on a human and spiritual level. Together we can do a lot and peace needs each of us. Giovanni, one of the young people, testifies: "I learned that if you want to be useful, you don't have to go to the end of the world. All you have to do is walk through the door of your home.

Preparing a parcel, sorting pasta and rice, packing dried vegetables, weighing and closing a box...: so many concrete ways of working, each one within his means, to build Peace!


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