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Jesus our Model, our Life and our Hope

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In normal conversation, we often like to talk about a variety of things: the films we have seen, things we have heard, the places from where we get the best bargains, news about someone or a rumour that is making its rounds. But when it comes to sharing our faith, our personal relationship with Jesus, our God experience, our joys and sorrows, how we can be more involved with the poor, with the environment… we are often silent or hesitant.

'God should frequently be the subject of our conversations if we want gradually to remove all empty thoughts from our minds.' (1 Peter. 4:11)

God is our goal, the centre of all motivations. We should devote our energies only to whatever will lead us in this direction’.

We must follow Jesus in all his ways and in all our endeavours act as he would act, in a spirit of poverty, lowliness, humility …’ (Nicolas Barré)

Fr. Barré often spoke of taking Jesus as our model and conforming ourselves to His image. He spoke of the gentleness, the lowliness, the humility of Jesus.

• Pause and reflect on how Jesus can be my Model

Prayer: Brigid, you were a woman of peace, You brought harmony where there was conflict.

You brought light to the darkness, You brought hope to the downcast

May the mantle of peace cover those who are troubled and anxious.

May peace be firmly rooted in our hearts and in our world. (Feast: 1st February)


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