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Launch of the "Walking In Dignity" application

Launch of the "Walking In Dignity" application by the International Union of Women's Religiouis Congregations (UISG) of which the Infant Jesus Sisters are a part!

On Tuesday 30 January at 2.30pm (Rome time), Talitha Kum, the international network to combat human trafficking - created in 2009 by the UISG and comprising more than 6,000 sisters, friends and partners - is presenting a new initiative: the "Walking In Dignity" app. This app invites people - particularly young people - to follow a journey to raise awareness of human trafficking and its prevention, by downloading the app and getting actively involved. The app is designed to learn, engage and care for people facing human trafficking and to treat, heal and empower survivors.This is a subject of particular concern to the Infant Jesus Sisters, at the heart of their mission to serve the most disadvantaged. One example among many is the beautiful work carried out in Calabria by Sister Caterina Dolci, in a structure that helps women who are victims of human trafficking networks. "A form of modern slavery practised by unscrupulous traffickers who make their money on the backs of the weakest and most vulnerable, mainly women and children... a reality that affects millions of people around the world", she explains.


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