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Life returns to Peru

Sr Maria-Elizabeth accompanied a group of students in Cusco from the start of the face-to-face classes.

She speaks of this wonderful experience, and of the spontaneous acts of mutual aid that she often witnessed.

"During the work sessions, the close and harmonious relationship with each of the students, based on the values of respect, responsibility and dialogue, enabled us to form a learning community. I have benefited enormously from this experience. I'm amazed to see how the children and simple people I met in Cusco give us a Christian and civic witness through their fraternal and supportive way of life. This socio-educational experience, rooted in the pedagogy and spirituality of Nicolas Barré, enabled me to live close to the most vulnerable: that is the whole mission of an Infant Jesus Sister, as so many others live it in the world. At the end, I discovered the richness of people both in their diversity and universality at a personal and collective level. I'd heard a lot about this subject, but this experience left a deep impression on me. I received the most precious gift of all, that of experiencing this interculturality by living alongside these people and in the context that shapes them. It's a beautiful and unique experience, and it has opened up new horizons for me, full of hope".


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