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Malaysia: a successful educational camp!

Our sisters' chalet in Port-Dickson (state of Negeri Sembilan) recently hosted an educational camp. For 2 days, nearly thirty children from our learning centres in Seremban and Desa Mentari, supervised by four sisters and ten volunteer teachers, took part in various activities in English and maths.

"The aim," explains Elizabeth Chong, coordinator of the Seremban centre, "was really to awaken their interest in these two subjects! We also tried to encourage them to communicate confidently in English."

The activities on offer - scrabble, crossword puzzles, sentence races, treasure hunts, etc. - are all part of the programme. - were fun and varied. Not forgetting a barbecue evening followed by short theatrical performances.

At the same time, two sessions were organised for the supervisors, on the role of the teacher and on teaching in the 21st century.

The sessions were a success: "All the pupils got on well, quickly felt involved and took an active part. We'd definitely do it again!"


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