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Malaysia: Reopening of the chapel at Bukit Nanas convent

The Chapel in Bukit Nanas Convent in Kuala Lumpur was closed for renovations in 2016. Since then it has not been used. It was reopened and re-consecrated at the end of 2022, during a ceremony presided over by Archbishop Julian Leow.

The celebration took place in the presence of parents and students from the secondary school linked to the convent and was led by a choir of 16 young girls specially formed for the occasion. A fraternal meal followed.

« The chapel is now maintained by our sisters," explains the superior, Sr. Mary Teresa. « It can be used for training courses and we would like to have Mass celebrated regularly, at least once a month or during specific events at the school. We give thanks to God and thank the parents who took the initiative to have the chapel blessed so that this unused place of worship would come back to life! Our wish is to see all the chapels in our schools gradually rehabilitated so that our students can pray easily and continue their spiritual formation. The help of the laity is indispensable for us to achieve this goal, it is another form of collaboration with them! »


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