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Meeting of the young Sisters - Brno 2012

The heat of the summer provided a warm welcome for a very special event: the European meeting of young sisters. It was  held in Vranov - Brno in the Czech Republic from the 31st of July to the 6th of August at the House of the Poor of Saint Francis of  Paola.

Back row L-R: Anna, Mary, Klara, Ludovica and Monique Front row L-R: Reina, Veronika and Romina Kneeling in front: Marina

Sisters from all over Europe participated in the meeting: Romina and Anna from Italy, Ludovica from France, Veronika and Klara from the Czech Republic, Reina from Bolivia (currently in Ireland).  They were joined by Monique from France, Marina from Italy and Mary from Ireland who used different methods (relationships, questions, art…) to animate and elucidate some points of the Spirituality and relive the historical steps of the development of the Institute.

The meeting was an occasion to get to know each other, to re-enforce and deepen relationships, to share our life experiences, to build bridges in Europe and even beyond. In this regard, the presence of Reina helped us to widen our horizons. The intensity caused by the short time and small group forced us to experience the diversity within the group, to accept each other with our different needs and to live the truly intercultural life of the Institute.

It was interesting to feel ourselves in harmony with the first sisters, to appreciate the courage and the freedom with which they faced their challenges, their insecurities, their abandonment… as we too, in some ways, are called to experience.

Culinary exchanges, dances, songs, the visit to Brno and the walk in the woods, living together in joy and gratitude, created a family atmosphere that made it possible for us to express our wishes, expectations and dreams.

During those days we also gained a greater awareness of the challenges that Europe is facing. In that context, we asked ourselves how we should live as Sisters of the Infant Jesus in the Church and in the world today, with freedom and realism.

We departed with a great joy in our hearts: with a positive outlook on reality and with the desire to personify the charism wherever God calls us to live it out, confident that we could live this adventure together, walking together “united in spirit, heart and mission.”


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