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Moving towards the future with confidence and hope

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

"The last General Chapter was an opportunity for the sisters to dare to move forward together along new paths. We couldn't have foreseen the extent to which new events and situations would lead to unexpected changes," explains Sr Brigitte, the Superior General. Some of them may seem insignificant and yet, at the very heart of our fragility, we see sprouts of hope and promise of life, if we take care of them: we are all witnesses to this. Let's not be afraid! Let's continue along this road with courage, trusting that God can do much more with our Institute, "a small body within the Church", more than we dare to believe or ask.

The road thus opened includes the meeting of the General Council, from 15 to 20 September in Rome, and the preparation of the next General Chapter, which will take place in July 2025. This will be an important stage in the life of the Infant Jesus Sisters, as it will be an opportunity to elect a new Superior General and make decisions about the future of the Institute.


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