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Mystery of Life

It is the season of memories now, a time of hope and doubt. It is the time of the year in which resurrection takes on a new kind of meaning.

Death is the call to look again at life – this time with a wiser eye.

Death, the awareness of its coming, the sounds of it around us, is what calls us to a life beyond apathy, beyond indifference, beyond unconcern. Death reminds us to live.

The time is now. The time is for reflection on what we’ve lost in life, yes, but for what we have left in life, too. It’s time to begin to live fuller rather than faster.

It calls us to stop and look at sunflowers, to care for the grass, to embrace the planet, to pay attention to our friends, to take comfort in the dark, to remember that the daffodils will unfold again.

A time to remember the light that no darkness can overcome.

Inspired by Joan Chittister


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