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October 21: Happy Feast to you all!

21st October is an important day in the lives of the Infant Jesus Sisters, their Associates, collaborators and friends. This day marks Nicolas Barré’s birthday, a day that is remembered and celebrated.

In a spirit of unity, heart and mission…

We pray: Be with us Lord in our journey together.

  • Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Nicolas Barré responded to God’s call to help those most in need in 17th century France and invited our Sisters to respond to this need also. Give us the grace to respond to the needs of our world today. R/.

  • He relied very much on the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit as the source of life and mission. He wanted the Holy Spirit to ‘take possession’ of us. May we continue to open ourselves to the promptings of the Spirit and trust in Divine Providence. R/.

  • At this time in our history we are more conscious than ever of being one community with all of creation. May we do all we can to protect our common home. R/.

  • The Institute is a community that continues to hold its doors open to others – friends, colleagues and those who are drawn to its spirit and who wish to share all or part of its life and mission. R/.

May we never cease to contemplate the action of God in ourselves and each other so that like Mary in her Magnificat and Nicolas in his time, we too may proclaim:

‘ He has done great things for me
He puts down the mighty,
He raises up the lowly’ (Luke 1:49-52)

Blessing: Nicolas Barré, "Letter 61":

"Whatever happens, be always at peace and trust in God.

It will be done to you according to:

Your faith, your Hope and your Love,

And even beyond that."

‘ The excessive Love of God is our only Security’ (N. Barré)


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