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Prayer, the road to Encounter

Through prayer, everything in life gradually becomes an experience of God. He visits us when he wishes. Sometimes, it seems to be at a most inconvenient time, even in the middle of our occupations, because that is where He wants us to be.

'Let us not spend one hour without casting a glance of love, confidence, admiration or abandonment to Jesus'

In this way, all of life becomes prayer. The love of God grows in our love for others, and love for others makes the love of God increase in us, in a life that is unified in God.

"It goes without saying that whatever you are doing you should not let even one day go by without spending some time in prayer. If you neglect it, things go wrong and however poor it may be, It still has the power to raise us up, sustain us and, in a mysterious way, gain for us great blessings which we would otherwise be without. Be very careful then, to be especially faithful to the exercise of prayer and meditation, setting aside several periods for it each day." (Letter 18)


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