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Religious or Lay Members: one Baptism, one Charism

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Our mission would not be possible without the collaboration of lay people. Indeed, we only became a religious congregation in 1872, for the first 200 years, we were all committed lay persons. Today, we rejoice in the many ways lay people are drawn to our charism and spirituality whilst living their baptismal vocation. We have two ways of affiliation in our family :

Nicolas Barré collaborators from all backgrounds who are drawn to our charism and desire their life to be inspired by his spirit ; they may renew their commitment annually.

Associates of our Institute, who make a life-long commitment to live our spirituality and mission as their way of life,” in union of heart spirit and mission” with the sisters.

In Singapore

Thus, in Singapore, since 2007 IJ lay friends interested in the sisters’ spirituality and activities have been meeting monthly to deepen their call and fellowship as a “fraternity.” Each year, they made an annual retreat and renewed their commitment.

Recently, with openness, generosity and courage, five members of the fraternity, after formation, an intense study of our Foundational documents, and discernment, chose to respond to God’s call to be IJ Associates and made a life-long commitment. The Province of Singapore thank the good Lord for the gift of these Associates. Together with the IJ Sisters, they look to the future to plant seeds of truth, justice, freedom and love in their midst.

Different species of trees produce different kinds of fruit. We must not look for cherries on a plum tree. So it is with people. Each one has to bear fruit according to their kind which is the combined result of grace and a person’s special attraction.”(Nicolas Barré)


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