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Senegal: fraternity!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In Senegal, our community has 5 sisters, living in the popular district of Sam-Sam, where a multitude of children, both in and out of school, swarm.

Surrounded by Muslim families, they share daily life marked by proximity, good neighbourly relations, friendly gestures and a very rich experience of fraternity between Christians and Muslims, since there are also 4 Christian families.

Welcome and respect

Senegal is a predominantly Muslim nation, made up of several ethnic groups: the Wolofs, the Pulhars, the Sereres, the Mandingues, the Diolas, the Soninkés, etc. It is commonly called "la TERRANGA" - from the Wolof word: TEER/TEERUL, which means: to welcome - a combination of hospitality, sharing and generosity that permeates daily life. Welcoming is one of the most important aspects. Everyone is welcomed and respected.

Experiences of fraternity

Caroline, Regina, Sylvie

During religious festivals, Muslim and Christian populations offer each ot

her meals. The Sam-Sam community has had this experience of fraternity at Easter and Korité. Indeed, on Good Friday, Christian families, faithful to tradition, prepare a large quantity of food, the "NGALAX", composed of millet, peanut butter and powdered baobab fruit, and then offer it to Muslim families. In turn, during Korité, the Muslim festival marking the end of the Ramadan fast, Christian families, religious communities, receive several bowls of chicken prepared and seasoned in different ways. They also invite each other to conferences and parties or to have "ATAYA", mint tea, or a Touba coffee. A true fraternity, lived simply!

In a world where individualism, mistrust, insecurity and all kinds of conflicts separate people, the Terranga invites us to open up to our brothers and sisters and to take an interest in the other. It is a cultural treasure and a state of mind to be safeguarded and shared. What unites us is stronger than what divides us.


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