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Serving the Lord with Humility and Tears

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In our apostolic service we will be humble and unassuming. This calls for a letting go of the spirit of the world. We will not seek privileges or honours for ourselves and will be on our guard, so that the attraction of prestige, power or money will never divert us from the work of God. Out of love for Christ, we will also accept in faith and with patience the deprivations which life brings

such as failure, old age and illness.” (B.I. 30).

Whatever happens is in His hands and not in ours since HE already knows the plans He has in mind for us. May His will be done even in ways unknown to us and without our having any guarantee, idea or sense of what may happen to us” (Nicolas Barré, Letter 47).

Reflection question: What is my focus as a sojourner on earth?

Prayer: Lord, bless us with the grace to focus on your son Jesus in our daily lives.


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