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Showing confidence can change one’s life

Giusy is an agricultural expert and responsible for the social agriculture and tourism sector, production activities and services, of a social cooperative in Cremona, northern Italy. In this capacity, she gives work to people in difficulty: prisoners, men or women with a slight disability or social problems, migrants... She testifies.

"Among the many people we support in professional integration, there is Dario, a prisoner from Cremona who we hired at the beginning of the year as a receptionist for tourists. He is allowed to leave the prison every morning to go to work, and returns at the end of the day.

Choosing to employ this person was a "leap into the unknown" for us: in fact, in a campsite, apart from having to deal with people from all over the world and keep the place clean and in good condition, you have to handle money, sell products, and deal with many small problems on a daily basis. Thinking about his background, we wondered if we were making the right choice... We decided to trust him and his story became an amazing one for all of us: his dedication and seriousness in his work allowed him to become the main agent of the campsite, i.e. the person who is assigned the highest number of working hours! Many of those who respond to our satisfaction surveys mention Dario by name, thanking him for his kindness, availability and professionalism.

This little story teaches me how important it is to trust people, beyond their origins and condition, in order to start a path of growth and change!


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