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Sisters in Leadership meeting in Madrid

From 17th of April, Sisters in Leadership from 14 countries are meeting for a fortnight in Madrid, to reflect together on the life of the Institute in our changing world.

In her opening address Sr Brigitte, our international leader said :

"Our Institute, like the Church, is challenged to tell and witness to the Good News in the midst of a world that is being turned upside down by changes so profound and rapid that the future is becoming totally unpredictable! What stable benchmarks can we offer to people to navigate through the turbulence that is shaking us? We have been given a mission, that of making Jesus Christ known and loved by those who don’t matter in our society, particularly today by children and young people who have no guidance, who are "disoriented“, left aside…

• It is in order to better serve this mission that we may need to rethink or redesign our governance and, if necessary, our structures,

• It is to serve this mission that we have to manage our human and financial resources, and if necessary modify certain practices,

• It is to serve this mission that we need to encourage religious or lay vocations,

• It is to serve this mission that we are gathered together!"


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