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Synodality in Thailand: Communion, Participation, Mission

In the early 2000s, the Thai province was invited to open a new mission in Chaiyaphum. From then on, our lay partners formed a small group, having breakfast and a time of sharing after Sunday Mass. Gradually they felt confident and bound by a mutual commitment. In 2021, this group grew in number but also in quality and began to participate in the mission of the Sisters in the form of a one-year commitment, renewable each year. The members of the group thus became "lay partners of the Infant Jesus Sisters".


Timothy: "I am a teacher, my life was very ordinary, I went to Mass on Sunday and went home. After that I would rest or do housework, I didn't want to meet other people or get involved in parish activities: I thought it was a waste of time. But one day, Sr Nattaporn invited me to a day of recollection and told me that she was going to form a group of lay partners of the Infant Jesus Sisters and I did not hesitate, I felt ready to participate in all the activities of this group! I thank God for giving me a chance to come back to Him and to work for Him as a Lay Partner of the Infant Jesus Sisters . I want to continue to journey with the sisters for as long as I can.

Stephen Aod Tokoa: "I am a private entrepreneur, I converted in 2000. I have since come to know the Sisters of the Infant Jesus. I was both happy and impressed to see how they lived and worked with the people. They work hard, they are full of life, simple, patient and well grounded in reality. I think it is not easy to live like that. However, I have witnessed their hope, love and goodwill for over 20 years. This is what attracted me and what drives me to continue to walk with them, hand in hand, whatever the mission".

Maria Magdalena Kongnun Chansamran: "I was converted when I married a Catholic. My husband has an agricultural business and a private taxi business. My house was near the church, so I used to go there often and that's where I met the sisters. The first year I went with them to visit the villagers. I was very impressed by their way of living and working. Sister Nattaporn is a very active, friendly, understanding, trustworthy and encouraging woman.

Today I am one of the lay partners with the Infant Jesus Sisters. I am learning to unify my life in love, respect, humility, sacrifice and forgiveness. I want to pursue the dream of Father Barré in love and service, as the sisters do."


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