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Thailand: A New Path

In Thailand, we started working, in 2003, with the Redemptorist Father Ray Brennan, founder of the “Redemptorist Vocational School”, a school for the disabled, which provides vocational training, food, accommodation and health care.

Quality education

Over the past thirty years, this education has changed the lives of more than 4,000 disabled young people. After graduation, they have become computer programmers, software designers, electronic repair technicians, call centre operators and bilingual office workers. The high level of technical and academic education they have received, as well as their skills, are impressive. This quality was recognised in 2018 by the Ministry of Education, which elevated the school to the status of a college. Students now receive officially recognised diplomas from the state. And today, 17 years after Father Ray's death, we continue his work with the disabled with the same passion and vision for education.


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