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The 2nd Infant Jesus Asian Forum

The 2nd Infant Jesus Asian Forum that was held on 15 -16 October 2022 is another milestone for the 75 participants from Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand to work together to deepen our understanding of our Charism as well as to bond as an Infant Jesus Family in Asia.

The focus of the first day was on drawing inspiration from the Charism, Spirituality and Mission of our founder, Blessed Nicolas Barre, and the ongoing journey of the Sisters and Lay Partners was the focus of the second day. The participants were warmly welcomed by Sr Jane, General Councillor, who in her opening address set the context and the tone of the forum.

The keynote address by Sr Brigitte, Superior General, inspired the participants to recognise that God’s gift through our founder is to be shared with all people within the Church and people of good will. The participants were challenged to listen, discern and respond with generosity, together as Sisters and Lay Partners in the context of our realities today. It is a journey we must all make in solidarity in Asia to continue to synergise and collaborate for God’s mission. The unity of purpose in living in union of heart (the link) of spirit (spirituality) and of mission (service to others) with the Sisters and Lay Partners is what will sustain our response.

The forum gave each province and district an opportunity to share its journey and work on the thrust and direction at the local level and as Asia.

The event was a source of inspiration and energy for us to continue our journey together in faith, hope and trust, in order to make Jesus Christ known and loved in our respective places of mission.

The sharing from the Laos Mission Team (which was born from the first Asian Forum) on their journey with 4 schools to contribute to the growth and development of children and youth in Laos was meaningful. The team’s response in listening to the staff and working with the parents and local people is the way to go forward.

Fr. Fortunatus Parwoto, our facilitator, in his summary reminded us that our shared experience was a spiritual conversation with the Spirit being among us and leading us.

We thank God for the Spirit-filled and Spirit-led forum as we go forward to live and grow the IJ mission in Asia and the world.


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