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The CI 2012 Lima, Peru, celebrates 350 years

Updated: May 21, 2020

On Sunday 26th February 2012 the Council of the Institute gathered in the Fe y Alegría Chapel for a very special celebration. In Marie's words of welcome to those present representing all our sisters and collaborators, she said:

"This evening we are gathered here from all over the Institute  to celebrate and give thanks for 350 years of life and mission in our Institute.  We represent and remember the unity and diversity of our internationality.   We hold in our hearts all the sisters, children, young people and adults who have been part of our lives throughout the 350 years.
The first reading today speaks about the Covenant that God has made with his people, a covenant of faithfulness and love.  During our Euchristic celebration this evening we are united in spirit, heart and mission as we continue our journey of celebration and thanksgiving in our own countries during this year."

Marie continued:

"I now invite each one to come forward when we call you in your province groups.  You will receive a symbol to take back to every member of your province to mark our 350 years as an international Institute of Infant Jesus Sisters in the world."

From the bookmark

No feather borne on the wind moves with such grace and freedom as do they who allow themselves to be carried by God.

Une plume permise au vent ne va  point dans l'air se mouvant avec  une pareille aisance à celle-là  dont ces âmes se laissent  mouvoir par Dieu.

Une pluma a merced del viento  se va por el aire moviendo con  tal gracia y libertad, dejándose conducir por Dios.

Nicolas Barré


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